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Diablolike - Spite: Spell Shock

        Made in our own game engine

My Contributions


  • In the beginning of this project I worked a lot with deferred rendering. While an implementation already was in place, I made it sound and stable and fixed various flickering bugs. I also made sure every layer was rendered correctly, so that particles, debug models and such weren't rendered in front of things that were closer to the camera than them.
  • I continued to work on my ShaderFactory which I made during the previous project. It needed some rework as deferred rendering was implemented, and I also needed to re-verify our technical artist's shader pipeline as these changes were made.


  • I implemented the first version of our "Diablo" camera, made sure it was placed correctly and followed the player.


  • Made it possible to set UV-coordinates in runtime for individual sprites via our node-based script system. This was used to lower and increase player HP/mana.
  • Implemented support for sprites, particle effects and the player model to have individual shaders and created nodes that could set these shaders.
  • I fixed a "Diablo Free Roam" camera that was unlocked from the player and panned the xz-plane.
  • Made it possible to switch flexibly between game camera, Diablo free roam, and completely free roam camera.
  • I exposed necessary camera variables to our level designers and graphical artists. They wanted to have control over certain variables such as distance to player, field of view and x- and y-rotation.


  • During this project I was lead for the programmers. This meant that it was my responsibility to make sure that the programming team could work and was on track with the project planning. I also met regularly with the other leads to plan items for the upcoming sprints and to make sure the project was moving forward as a whole.